Anton Peck

Designer + Illustrator

I am a Designer (UI, UX, and Graphic Design), Illustrator, and Front-End Developer, working with an amazing variety of clients from the comforts of my home office (along with the help from an orange-striped kitty named Henry 🐱).

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Crafting Interface Designs

I begin all of my design work with the same model: Ideate, Sketch, Wireframe, Design. It's particularly nice when a content strategy can be done with the client in tandem.

If there is a brand established, then the current logo and colors can help establish the mood that will bridge the wireframes with the high-fidelity designs. Typically, there will be levels of iteration or change until it feels right. Once the designs are complete and approved, they can then be handed off to a developer (which is often a role I take on as well).

My tenure as a designer extends over two decades, along with a great deal of growth, styles changes, adjustments in technique, and trend-watching (I tend not to follow trends too closely).

I have worked with such companies as: White Mountain Research, OneFire Media Group™, Caterpillar Inc.®, State Farm® V1. Worldwide, DevBright, Inc., and EZnet Services.

Collection of designs for a mobile conference application.
iPad design for a museum app.
Infographic webpage about different generations.
IPRF app design
Services Homepage
Scheduler Homepage
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Constructing Logos

Companies, products, individual marks, and even podcasts can all benefit from an impactful logo to help support the brand. These can range from solid typography, to clean lines in Illustrator, something a bit more painterly, or even a character.

One of the first jobs I ever held was at a custom printing shop, where I had the opportunity to clean up logos that would be transferred to film. Since then, I've stuck with the same core philosophies: Ensure that the art doesn't become muddy at small sizes. If it had text, make sure that it's readable at various distances, and start the work in b&w, even if it ends up in color (this helps keep the contrast in check).